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Fun with Math and Dead Presidents...

Subtitle: Why everyone is stupid except me... and GoMiner

Should we even sequence genomes for disease diagnostics?

It's always important to come back to fundamentals.  Before we decided on the ethics of "incidental findings" (see previous post), before we opine on the value of genomic data, before we even pick up the pipette, we must first establish whether we should even sequence genomes at all in the context of disease diagnostics.  And of course, the answer is no.

Do we have the right to ignorance?

So, you've just been sequenced.  The test did not figure out why you have chronic hypertension, but it did find a mutation in a gene that may cause your brain to degenerate rapidly in your late 50s.  Didn't see that coming, did you?  Do you wish that no one had told you? 

The Human Knockout Project

What does every gene in the human do?  Which genes can cause disease?
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