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We are actively seeking programmers with experience with databases and web interfaces in a Linux environment. Working at Codified Genomics will involve developing applications and algorithms that will help clinicians make diagnoses for childhood diseases and in cancer.

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Job Openings

Job Title: Software engineer (remote OK)

Job Description: Software you write at Codified will directly influence healthcare decisions for thousands of patients. We're looking for experienced software engineers who are up to that challenge to join our small team (currently 2 founders and 1 employee).

At Codified your responsibilities will be wide - you will probably end up touching every piece of software we write, with an emphasis on our user-facing applications. 

We have a large number of interesting projects under active development, spanning natural language processing, machine learning, user interface design and sequence analysis.

We write software to help clinicians interpret exome sequence data from their patients. To do this, we aggregate large amounts of additional data on individual genes and variants, and apply a series of proprietary algorithms. We’re a young company (founded in March 2013) that is profitable with our existing customers and continuing to grow.

Skills & Requirements: We are currently using GWT (Java) and MySQL with some scripting in Python and deploy to a Linux (CentOS) environment. We will need you to rapidly be productive with these tools if you are not familiar with them already. Additionally, you'll help us grow our team over the next few months as we continue to add engineers.

A willingness to learn is more important to us than a Biology background, but the position will require you to become familiar with the Biology that underlies what we do.