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Data Analysis

Get results that are timely, accurate, complete.
Get results that are timely, accurate, complete.
  • Prioritized data: See what matters first.
  • Fully Automated: Spend less time on routine classification.
  • Easy to use: Get your team up and running faster and consistently
  • Interact: Get your team talking, to each other, and the clinician.


Finding disease causing variants is difficult and time consuming.  Of the 100,000 variants typically discovered in an exome sequence, only a handful will have medical relevance.  Codified Genomics sifts through these variants, hiding those that are unlikely to cause disease, prioritizing those that are left, and giving the user a wide array of data to help find the cause of diease. 

Codified Genomics facilitates the data needs of the user by keeping each and every variant discovered.  With access to over 15,000 exomes and genomes from diverse populations, however, our process can quickly eliminate those variants which are too common, or likely artifacts from consideration.  Using multiple models, Codified Genomics scores the deleteriousness of each variant, and combines that information with knowledge of the phenotype, gene, and disease alleles to score the variant.  The data for each variant is summarized and presented in an easily viewed interface with quick access to full information at the click of your mouse.