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The Codified Process

Experience: the heart of our development
Experience: the heart of our development

With over 24,000 exomes analyzed, the Codified Genomics process has experience at the heart of its development.  Our software has enabled hundreds of analyses of exomes, the discovery of dozens of new disease mutations and the description of entirely novel diseases.

The most expensive component of genome sequencing is the time that professionals spend pouring over data. The Codified Genomics process streamlines and standardizes tertiary analysis enabling the clinician to make the most of her time.

Codified Genomics provides data from a multitude of sources on the variant, gene, pathway and local genomic levels and helps hone in on causative variants quickly and accurately; Codified Genomics puts a world of knowledge at the clinician's fingertips. Automated processes enable the report to be fully ACMG compliant without requiring the reviewer to tediously classify every variant, freeing them to do what's most important: improving lives.

Codified Genomics enables intelligent filtering and prioritization by gathering all salient information for the genomic coordinate, variant, gene model, protein, function, expression, disease, population and system-interactions. This data is compiled together with assay metrics to allow automatic filtering and prioritization of variants for a patient. The data is displayed simply and cleanly to let the user make the final choice about which variants are and are not important.  Finally, this information is captured and used the next time a patient is reviewed to help make analysis faster and more accurate.